Windows add distinction and elegance to a home. They allow daylight to brighten our days inside, and let us look from the inside out. However managing the light, heat gain, heat loss, and glare can be challenging, and expensive over time. You may be faced with the option of adding window treatments, only to sacrifice incoming light and your view. There is another option to consider – home window film installation! Our full line of residential window films can also do much to manage security concerns specific to glass.


The 7 Benefits of Home Window Tinting:

  1. Energy Savings- A primary benefit of residential window film is that it’s an elegant and energy efficient window treatment. Window tint minimizes heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, reducing home heating and cooling costs. Every homeowner wants to save money on fuel and electricity! Don’t cover them up, put your windows to work for you.
  2. Protect Family- Most people would not think of wearing sunblock or sunglasses when inside. Unless your windows are covered, restricting incoming light, the sun’s damaging UV rays are entering your home. Results of this are seen in fading and felt in uncomfortable glare and hot spots. Professionally installed window film is a simple yet profound option for protecting your family from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. That is protection that can’t be beat!
  3. Protect Furnishings- Window film can greatly reduce fading caused by the sun of your fabric, carpet, leather, artwork and wood. If fading has been an issue for you, stop running around opening and closing window treatments, get your windows professionally tinted.
  4. Extra Level of Security- Windows reinforced with security film allow broken glass to stay adhered to the film even when broken, reducing chance of injury and damage. Security film also significantly increases the work required to break glass, offering the homeowner, business owner, auto owner a second line of defense against the unexpected.
  5. Comfort and Protection- Direct sunlight is valuable inside the home. It makes us feel great. Too much light though often times results in annoying and uncomfortable glare in the home, making it difficult to work on your computer or watch television in comfort.
  6. Privacy- An elegant option in managing privacy without sacrificing light. This film can be used in the bathroom, office or kitchen, on glass door panels, and street-facing windows. There are films available that offer a clear view of the outside while preventing the view from outside to inside.
  7. Decorative- Create an entirely new environment of space, light, and beauty with decorative window films. From subtle to stunning effects, when applied to existing glass in a space, decorative window films offer endless decorating possibilities. It can also be easily removed when you want to change the look.

Professional residential window film installation is an investment that will pay off for years to come. Don’t risk anything less than the best for your home and family, call Buckeye Sun Control today!